Why Smapsters?

Experience is and will always be the primary aim of traveling. Mere visit to a place is a travesty for traveling and hence to ensure thy shall get the experience which you can narrate to others, SMAPSTERS is your ally. It doesn't end at stays, meals and traveling, but extends to inspirations, realisations, music and adventure. Travel with us, experience and explore what means to be 'YOU'.

Ziro Festival of Music 2017

4 days of indie, rock and folk music set in the scenic and quaint Ziro Valley is a good reason to visit Arunachal Pradesh this September. It's an opportunity to be among the like minded music, food and nature lovers travelling to the Northeast. Don't miss this tour of Arunachal Pradesh with us. Ziro Festival of Music is a unique experience that no other music festival can match. Be a part of it to know - the mesmerizing beauty of Ziro, the simplicity of Apatani tribe, the camraderie of musicians, the warmth of bonfire, the nights in cozy tents, the bikers and their spirit, the beer guzzlers and the local brew, the firangs and the desis, the star studded night sky, the flavour of local food, the thrills of treks, and the taste of the growing ZFM tribe.


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